Promoting relaxation, rejuvenation and acceleration in your inner journey of healing

Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) has profound effects on the body and the mind, with clients quickly reaching a deep state of relaxation. By placing therapeutic singing bowls around or directly on the body, and using correct techniques, the practitioner engages with the client both physically and aurally, also known as vibrational sound massage. Relaxation during a VST session brings on the same kind of brain states as yoga, tai chi, and meditation.

VST is gentle, and almost all people will fall asleep at some point during the session. The theta brain wave state is associated with meditation, sleep and deep relaxation. The delta brain state is a deeper form of sleep, and is also associated with hypnosis and ritual. During normal sleep, people will oscillate between both of these states. The brain wave state of clients undergoing a sound massage will change naturally, and in reaction to the modality, as positions are changed, and different bowls are introduced.     

How much does it cost?

A sliding-scale fee program is offered. See the Fees page for more details.

What does it do?

A VST session can be a very special and memorable experience for those who seek relaxation, rejuvenation and acceleration in their inner journey of healing. Using sound and vibration, VST activates the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress in the body.

As the amount of water in our bodies is between 55% and 75%, the sound vibration in the body enables any imbalances in the body to return to a more balanced and harmonized state of being. Sometimes, physical injuries may be healed or old emotional traumas released.

Using sound and vibration, VST activates the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress in the body

Using sound and vibration, VST activates the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress in the body

How may it help me?

VST sessions allows you to get into a deeply relaxed state, where time disappears, physical boundaries dissolve, and problems and worries melt away. At the same time, your energy flow is stimulated and senses awakened promoting natural healing processes to occur, leaving you with a feeling of comfort and sense of natural wellbeing.

Those who undergo a state of deep relaxation often report a feeling of mental freshness that they carry with them after the session is over. Relaxation and meditative states of mind have also been shown to increase the threshold for emotional response, meaning they can help us control our emotional responses to outside influences. Like other kinds of meditation, sound massage can help us be more internally aware, while being more present in the moment, and more connected with our surroundings.


What is a session like?

Preparing for a session

Wear comfortable clothing (no blue jeans). Prior to the session you will be asked to remove all jewelry, shoes and socks. Sessions can range from 60 to 75 minutes. This includes an initial intake, discussing the client’s current body/mind conditions, and some “waking up” time after the session.

During the session

The session is done with you lying comfortably on a massage table (and can also be done sitting in a chair). You are fully clothed. Ellen places the therapeutic singing bowls directly on the body (e.g., sternum, stomach, shoulders, legs, back) or, if more appropriate, near the body. Most clients start to relax as soon as the session begins. Muscles will lose tension, and you may even start to slip into the alpha brain wave pattern. The alpha wave pattern is associated with daydreaming and pre-sleep. At this point breathing slows and the body begins to absorb the waves of vibration. The slowing of breath and lack of muscle tension are both signs that the metabolism is slowing, giving rise to a feeling of warmth. This relaxed state allows your body to begin to repair itself instead of responding to outside concerns. The immune system is at its best when we are relaxed.

Going home

Please plan to be in a quiet, relaxed environment following the session. Drink plenty of water to help eliminate any toxins that may have been released. If you can, sit or lie down quietly in nature for a period of time. This will allow your body’s healing energy to integrate and be sustained. Avoid technology and any stimulating food, beverages or alcohol. Please note that the healing may continue over a few days after the session in which the mind and body may continue to be balanced.

Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls

Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls are crafted for vibration and sound

Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls are crafted for vibration and sound

Ellen utilizes Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls in her VST sessions. Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls are the first “singing bowls” specifically designed as a tool to provide application of vibration directly to the body. Therapeutic Singing Bowls are crafted for vibration and sound with subdued volume and a purity of tone with a rich multitude of overtones. 


 I was totally relaxed and felt terrific all over ... had the best sleep ever, slept all night

“I had a session with Ellen Petersen using Vibrational Sound Therapy. This was my first time trying it and it was out of this world. My appointment was on a Friday afternoon and after a stressful week at work I was looking forward to it. Well, let me tell you I was impressed. I was totally relaxed and felt terrific all over. When I got home I drank a lot of water and I actually went to bed earlier than normal. I had the best sleep ever, slept all night. The next day I felt relaxed. I would highly recommend this treatment with Ellen Petersen.”

— Norman Blanchard