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Sound Immersion at Nourishing Life Center

Wednesday, August 7, 2019
7:00 – 8:15 pm
Location: 50 Grove Street, Suite 204, Salem, MA. Parking is available.
Cost: $35

Space is limited to 15 participants, so please purchase a ticket by August 4th to reserve your place. No cancellations or refunds allowed, but you may transfer your place to a friend.

Sound Immersion with Nourishing Sounds

Nourishing Sounds invites you to experience the exquisite, ethereal and healing frequencies and vibrations of pure crystal quartz bowls, the warm, penetrating sounds of Himalayan singing bowls and gongs, all accentuated by the sounds and sensations of chimes, tingshas and other instruments. Imagine disconnecting yourself from stress and fully immersing your body, mind and spirit in the healing energy and vibrations of Sound Immersion.

Sound healing is an ancient practice that is re-emerging as a powerful, scientifically proven, effective and accessible tool for providing pain relief, emotional release and a general sense of well-being.

You may lie down, or sit in a comfortable chair. Eye pillows may be used to help you feel calm and heighten your other senses, especially hearing. The room is darkened, and everything is in place for a peaceful, relaxing experience.

Chairs, yoga mats and blankets are provided. If desired, please bring a pillow, an eye pillow or eye mask. Wear comfortable clothing.

Ellen Petersen and Eileen O’Brien together are Nourishing Sounds. Ellen Petersen is a Certified Vibrational Sound Therapy practitioner with the Vibrational Sound Association and a Qigong teacher and External Qi Healing practitioner. Eileen O’Brien is a Certified Sound Healer through the Center of Light Institute for Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, a Reiki practitioner and intuitive medium.

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Find the latest news and events on the Nourishing Life Qigong Facebook page

Find the latest news and events on the Nourishing Life Qigong Facebook page